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“I want to personally thank you Markus for coming and spending the day with us at Ashland Middle School. Your message was powerful and the connections you made with our students was outstanding. At the end of the day if you gave just one student hope your message changes the direction even a single child it was worth it. Thank you!”

Matthew White

Principal, Ashland Middle School

"Your message was powerful"

"truly inspired by markus"

Each year The First Tee of Canton hosts a Core Value Awards Banquet for participants in our program and to also recognize our volunteer of the year.  We look to bring in a speaker that can share their story that encompasses The First Tee Nine Core Values.  Markus was a perfect fit for our banquet.  He was able to share his story of perseverance and how he took responsibility for his life and his path.  We received only positive feedback from the participants, parents and volunteers that were in attendance.  Everyone was truly inspired by Markus and what he has been able to accomplish.  

Angela Palomba

Executive Director, The First Tee of Canton

Markus is the Man! He has this gift to Inspire through his Encouraging words. He is a motivational speaker that ignites flames in the hearts of his followers. Get this man a hologram!

Nate Chester III

City Councilman Ward 2 Canton, Ohio

"markus is the man"

Markus is an outstanding, dedicated, caring young man who is not ashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It is rare to find someone as young as he who is motivated and willingly shares his life’s story. His words of encouragement and motivation should be heard by our youth and adults as well.


Betty Smith

Executive Director, EN-RICH-MENT

"markus is an outstanding..."

"engaging speaker with a powerful message"

“Markus is an engaging speaker with a powerful message. He shares his message to help everyone he can learn about redemption and grace. Markus is passionate and caring and has a true heart for God.” 


Rebecca Wolfe

- Simply Intentional Life

One of the most motivating talks that I’ve had the honor of hearing in a long time. Throughout his speech I looked around the crowd and he had everyone’s full attention. What a story and lesson he has to share! His energy is so contagious!

Lesley Doan

- Executive Director- Tiqvah Hands of Hope 

"He had everyone's full attention"

"truly inspiring!"

Markus Mcfoling story is a truly a story of Gods redeeming power, a story of perseverance a true test of faith, Markus is a true friend and brother and  his heart to help others is truly inspiring! 

Brant Bolen

-Outreach Director- Adult and Teen Challenge Ohio Valley 

As a intern, with the passion of helping others, I am always trying to find a way to inspire individuals, especially our youth. The youth are at a vulnerable stage in life where growth and important experiences occur. Our young men, unfortunately, are in a state of change not having a figure to resemble or look up to, I brought Markus in to Multi County Juvenile Attention Center to do just that. Markus met with the youth on a completely different level that I nor other professionals could have. Markus’s story not only touched and inspired myself, but also all of the young boys. Inspired them and encouraged them, regardless of what your past is or where you  are coming from, to see  goals, accomplish them, and become the person you’ve always wanted to be. The key is, Markus did not do it all on his own, Markus has the ultimate Father figure. A loving, and gracious God, who no matter what our past is, no matter where we are coming from, we are His children and He welcomes us with open arms. Markus shared God with Multi County and the young boys were shown and told about an all mighty Father, one to resemble and one that will provide unconditional love. I enjoyed working with Markus and look forward to continue working with him as he shares his testimony in his community.

Maggie Taylor

- Staff Intern- Multi County Juvenile Attention Center 

"...inspired them"

"never, never give up!"

“Like most building administrators, I have worked to find and schedule many assemblies and motivational speakers for my students. We are always searching for influential people who can bring messages to our students that might improve their decision making and the quality of life. Some of the assemblies have been worthwhile and worth the cost while some have not. To that end, I am writing to let you know that Ashland City Schools recently had the opportunity to have Markus McFolling share with our high school and middle school students. Markus’ presentation was a very, very powerful experience for our high school and middle school students. Markus is a former professional football player who overcame opiate addiction resulting from injury-related pain medication. Markus’ message focuses on overcoming childhood trauma and finding resilience through discovering how much we all matter. Markus’ sincerity and vulnerability had a profound impact on our students. His summary message to students is to Never, Never, Never give up! If you are looking for a message of hope and resilience for your student body, Markus McFolling will bring this. As a motivational presentation , Markus McFolling’s message is one of the best I have heard in 32 years in Ohio Public Education.”

Michael Riley

Principal Ashland High School

“Young people today are starving for authenticity and true connection. Markus is made for both of those things. His heart and belief in the value of each individual comes through in every word he speaks and to every person he meets.” 

Laurie Moline

Mentoring Leader and Youth Advocate

"Markus is made for..."

"He is impacting lives"

Markus McFolling has a compelling story to share! When he speaks the audience is energized, inspired and moved to action. He is impacting lives all over the nation with fresh content, relevance and life changing strategies. 

DeLores Pressley

Keynote Speaker Founder & Executive Director She Elevates

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