Hello! l just wanted to say you’re such an inspiration! You’ve helped me through so much when i’m down l think about the stuff you said about how l do matter and it’s helped me through so much! l thank you so much for that!

"Such an Inspiration"

"U make me feel special"

U are a rockstar. U make me feel special. Thx for coming to our school and making us all have fun. You are the best.

Hey Markus…I completely forgot to thank you for coming in and talking to us on Monday. So far both of the times you have came in had truly changed the way I think about how others feel and the way I think of myself. And so far,both of the times you came in you made me cry(in a good way). Your words are honestly super inspiring .. you the only inspirational speaker that I truly listen to and look forward to when they come in. It’s like you get each and every single one of us. I’m really proud of what your doing, and how your doing it. Again. Thank you so much Markus

"You get each and every single one of us"

"You've inspired me"

Thank you so much for the inspiring message today! I felt very encouraged today. Everyday I witness and receive bullying. I have gone through a similar situation as you but I was able to end up living in a loving family. But sadly I still have those days where I feel discouraged and unworthy. Kids are really mean sometimes and today your message really helped. I want to be able to speak to other kids about my story someday to help them. You’ve inspired me to pursue that dream.

Your speech was awesome today. Truly awesome. I heard several kids talking about it throughout the day. One girl during 7th period showed me a speech she started writing and said she was inspired by you to do write it. So, in case you had any doubt in your mind, keep doing what you’re doing. You’re impacting and changing lives. Also, I’m so happy for you and all that you’ve been able to accomplish-after listening to your story today, I have no doubt that God will continue to use you and your story for His glory.

"you're impacting and changing lives"

"You were speaking straight to my broken heart"

Again, thank you so much for your speech today. It inspired me so much. I know how it is to not have a dad in your life.  I felt like you were speaking straight to my broken heart. So thank you so much for your very heartwarming and inspirational speech and God bless you! 

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