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the beginning

Reach1 was born when I read a story about a shepherd and his flock. The shepherd had one hundred sheep, but he lost one.  The shepherd in the story left ninety-nine other sheep to seek out the one sheep that was lost. It was impressed on my heart that each person, no matter their story, has infinite value.  We are given an opportunity to reconcile others back to a place of wholeness and true identity. The reconciliation mission is the  number one calling of those who desire to see lives impacted in a great way. Reach1 stands for Reconciling Every Abandoned Child Home. I have had the pleasure of speaking at multiple high schools, with the most recent being Ashland High School and Middle School. I have also worked with various ministries, outreach-based inner city programs, and social service organizations to provide individuals with the necessary tools to live a purpose driven life. One of my favorite sayings is, “You can give a man a fish and he will eat for a day, or you can teach a man to fish and he will eat for lifetime.” My life’s mandate is to hand out as many fishing poles as possible. I do that through speaking, community collaborations, and meeting individuals where they are at in hopes of directing them to Jesus Christ.

my journey

Life has had its challenges and triumphs. I grew up in poverty and didn’t know my birth father for many years. I excelled athletically and was recruited by many Division 1 football programs, but I struggled to make the connection academically which ultimately lead to not graduating high school on time. I overcame that adversity and earned a full ride scholarship to Malone University. I was invited to the 2011 NFL combine to showcase my football skills only to not get selected. I played in the professional Arena Football League for a few years for the San Antonio Talons. In practice, while working out in front of NFL  scouts, I incurred a career-ending shoulder injury that led me down a path of opioid addiction for three years. I, again, overcame adversity and went to a year long faith-based discipleship program called Ohio Valley Adult and Teen Challenge and graduated in June 2018. “My identity was so rooted in a game, but now it’s rooted in me being his Son and being accepted as one of God’s beloved. God restored me and made blind eyes see again.

my family

Most importantly, I am a proud husband and father. I met my beautiful wife, Chelsea, in 2011 at Malone University and knew that I couldn’t let her go. The two of us dated for three years before tying the knot in August of 2014. We welcomed the birth of our child Averie Grace in November of 2016. I believe that my first ministry is my family, and I desire to be found faithful with what has been given to me. 

special invites

Markus has been invited to speak with leaders and organizations all throughout the country, with more special invites coming throughout this year. 

Thousands of lives

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